Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ April 2018


Dear oil lovers,

have you seen the amazing doTerra promotion for Australia yet? Free Lemon Myrtle, Jasmine and Rose oil! This promotion runs for the next 60 days – until May 31st. And what do you have to do to get your hands on these rare precious oils that are not even for sale? Have a chat to some of your friends and family, share some oil samples with them, tell them what difference doTerra products have made to your health, invite them to one of our many intro classes or to a one-on-one with one of our oil advocates. If you have two friends who want to order some oils in April you can qualify for a free Lemon Myrtle. And if you have some more people who want to order oils you can qualify for a free Jasmine and pure Rose oil as well. This is a very unique opportunity since doTerra does not sell Rose and Jasmine oils neat. The 5ml bottle of Rose oil has a retail value of US$450. It takes over  284,000 rose petals to distill the oil for the 5ml bottle.


Click here for details on how to qualify for this promotion and contact me so I can help you to actually get the oils.







Have you ever smelled the pure Rose oil from doTerra? I’ve got a tiny bottle with 5 drops in it and occasionally I open it to have a sniff – to me it smells like love and bliss in a bottle. Absolutely intoxicating. If it was up to me I’d smell it all day long. It makes me feel so enveloped in warm love and happiness. I actually just got it out to get a dose of that…

Here’s an excerpt from the Emotions & Essential Oils book:516B034F-7C26-4E88-823E-12EA9EA313D1.jpeg

Due to the new compliance regulations I am only allowed to write about the oils in the most vague terms. So I am just going to give you a quick look at what the Modern Essentials App has to say about Rose oil:

39B7AD2A-7239-4E08-B614-C25CB7050156.jpegIf you want to find out more and smell the beauty of this oil you can contact me directly. doTerra also sells the Rose oil diluted in fractionated coconut oil in the Touch bottle:





Let’s have a look at a couple of the other oils distilled from flowers:


The Jasmine oil is another one one of those precious oils that doTerra doesn’t sell in its neat form. It can also be earned in April/May this year – see promotion above.

Click here to watch a beautiful little video about the delicate process of distilling doTerra’s Jasmine oil.


Here’s what my Modern Essentials App has to say about  Jasmine:


And according to the Emotions & Essential Oils book the Jasmine oil has the following benefits in emotional aromatherapy:


Like the Rose oil the Jasmine also has an amazing aroma and you can also get it in the Touch bottle:






And here is another beautiful little video to see how the Ylang Ylang flowers are harvested in Madagascar. Click here to watch










Please contact me directly if you need help to access any of these promotions.










Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ March 2018


Dear Friends,

I am writing this newsletter from the doTerra Convention in Sydney. What an amazing event! Two full days with 4,500 essential oil enthusiasts from around Australia and NZ. And the focus as always is on the pure quality of the oils, the way the oils are sourced and all the charitable work that happens along the way.


Please know, when you buy a little bottle of doTerra essential oil you not only support your own health with this gift of the earth, you also support families across the globe who grow the materials for the oils. Here’s a great little video about the co-impact sourcing: click to watch video And read more here


We heard stories about all the changes this co-impact sourcing has created: like cutting out the middle men and being able to pay the farmers a proper sustainable wage. This makes a huge difference for families in Africa and Asia who can now afford to send their children to school.

Not only does doTerra bless us with the oils and the farmers with the co-impact sourcing but it also brings blessings to so many more people around the globe through doTerra’s Healing Hands foundation. Yesterday we heard about some of the projects the Healing Hands foundation funds: health clinics, hospitals and schools in Ghana, Somalia and Nepal. Wells, which provide clean drinking water to communities in Haiti and Kenya. Please make sure to visit this page to learn more.


These are just some of the examples where doTerra is able to help make a difference in the communities where the materials for oils grow. The Healing Hands foundation also supports Days for Girls and Operation Underground Railroad –  read more here. Watching a video yesterday about a rescue operation in Columbia where over 50 children aged 11-18 years were rescued from being sold in the global sex trade touched all our hearts. Here’s another video about doTerra’s work with Operation Underground Railroad: click here to watch

So bottom line is, I feel so proud and blessed to work with this company. A company that wants to change the world One Drop, One Person, One Community at the time. 

And doTerra really has started a global Health Care Revolution with their pure therapeutic oils. Their mission has always been to bring essential oils out of a boutique niche market to the mainstream. They do this by making sure to invest in all the scientific research and also working with over 120 hospitals in the USA and research institutes around the world. This ensures that every bottle of oil we buy is of the purest and highest therapeutic standard. In fact, there is now a serial number on the bottom of every one of your oil bottles. You can look up the test report from this particular batch of oil on this website

For example, I’ve got a bottle of  Frankincense  oil here and this is the report:




I wanted to make this newsletter mainly about news from convention and the special offer this month. So instead of introducing three oils here I’d like to introduce you to three webpages where you can learn more about your oils:

Home Essentials Kit video presentation

The doTerra Essentials brochure

doTerra eBOOKS



This is the most generous offering we receive from doTerra: a free bottle of Salubelle worth $97 at the members price for every order of 200PV placed this month. I’ve used Salubelle for the last three years – just a little bit rolled onto those areas where I want to support my skin and prevent wrinkles. A bit around the eyes and lips, on the forehead and neck. And I can confidently say that it has improved my skin. It is clearer and smoother and feels more alive.  So for me it’s always worth it to stock up on oils, try some new products (face cream, shampoo, laundry liquid…) or ask friends if they’d like to try an oil and I provide it at member price and no postage. That way I can get a bottle of free Salubelle which usually last me at least four months.

Please note, this offer is also availabel to anyone who wants to join doTerra as a new member this month 💜 please contact me for details.



Since I want to get this newsletter out as quickly as possible I will also refer you to the doTerra blog where you can find lots of great ideas for using your oils in beauty products, cooking, cleaning products and more: Click here to access blog



Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ January 2018


Happy New Year!

we hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and wish you all the best for 2018 – a healthy and abundant year filled with blessings!

We’re up in Bali at the moment and I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard Paul say: ”I’m so glad you’ve got your oils!” I’ve been able to share them with local friends who had a cough and lost their voice, bad excema, recovering from surgery, broken their arm… and I’ve also been able to help myself. But more about that later…

I just feel so grateful and blessed to have these amazing oils in my life and to share them with others. The other day one of my Balinese girlfriends said: ”Even if I can’t see you I can always smell when you walk past. You smell so good!” So today I want to share with you what doTerra essential oils have done for me and what I’m grateful for.



I am so grateful for that one drop of Lemon oil that I start every day with. I usually have a drop in a glass of warm water every morning. Unless I’m travelling – then I sometimes have a drop straight on the tongue washed down with some water. Not only is the Lemon oil in water a great way to rehydrate the body after sleep and flush out accumulating toxins it’s also a natural laxative. Great way to start the day!


Lately I’ve also started taking a drop each of Copaiba and Frankincense under the tongue in the mornings after seeing it recommended by Dr. Hill. After just a few days I noticed that I felt so much more peaceful within myself. And a feeling of deep harmony within my body. Which makes sense when you think about how the Copaiba oil brings homeostasis to all body systems and the Frankincense is just so spiritually uplifting and protecting. I also experience less stiffness in my body. And I’m sure there are many more benefits that I am not yet aware of.

>>> This is actually a really great excercise: using an oil for a while every day and being really conscious of the difference it makes. <<<

I am also most grateful for the Lifelong Vitality supplements. I know I’ve said this before. But I just can’t say it often enough. If you want to bring real change to your health and wellbeing then give the Lifelong Vitality Pack a go. We recommend that you take them for three month and then compare the before and after state of your vitality. Most people notice a difference after just one week. What it’s done for me is remarkable: I have so much more energy, get sick less often, have a better metabolism than before and so much more, all the way to stronger fingernails and thicker hair. This is what top quality supplements made from wholefoods can do for you: in which ever way your body is imbalanced – hormonally, cardiovascular, emotionally – they aim at restoring balance and vitality.

And then there are all my little helpers that I carry with me all the time to use myself troughout the day or share with others:


I started my doTerra  journey with a bottle of PastTense and the Family Essentials Kit which has the 10 oils above in 5ml bottles – Click here to watch my little intro video.  After we started experiencing the amazing effects of those we slowly added to our collection. The secret to experiencing the benefits of your oils is to use them. Here are a couple of tips:


I could go on and on about my favourite oils… I was just thinking that I haven’t come across an oil yet that I didn’t like. They all have their incredible purpose in helping us on the road to physical, emotional and mental health. Even spiritually they are uplifting and beneficial. And as I learn more and more about them it becomes clearer that they are the future of keeping humanity balanced and healthy without any nasty side effects.  




I use my OnGuard in so many different ways every day: a drop in the water bottle to boost the immune system, in the diffuser to eliminate airborne germs, in a spray bottle to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces and keep them bacteria, fungus and virus free, a drop in a tsp of honey to sooth a sore throat… Paul and I made a little video recently on how we benefit from OnGuard. Watch it Here



This metabolic blend is called Smart & Sassy in Australia. I usually have a couple of drops in water every day. I love the citrusy taste with a hint of peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. And I also love to diffuse it – smells so nice! This oil has helped me to curb my chocolate cravings and I’m really grateful for that! doTerra actually offers a whole weight loss program based on this oil. More information Here



I’m really happy that the Frankincense promotion was extended and I can stock up on it again this month.


Please let me know if you need help to access any of these promotions.




And last but not least a little essential oil success story:

Three days ago in the afternoon I unexpectedly got a bladder infection. It was very painful and annoying. So I went to my Modern Essentials app to  see what I could do with the oils. Here’s what I found:


I  am happy to report that the symptoms had reduced a lot by the next morning and that two days after starting the protocol I was back to normal.




Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ December 2017


Dear friends,

December – the busy time of the year: end of the school year, lots of time spent outdoors, getting ready for the festive season and summer holidays…. Are you taking the time to put your feet up? Rub some oils into your neck? Have a relaxing foot bath at the end of the day?

It’s also the season of the *FREE FRANKINCENSE* – so generous of doTerra to spoil us like this every year! And I am also thinking ahead to all the yummy food we’ll be indulging in over the holidays. Make sure to have some DigestZen handy. And maybe some Lemon and Grapefruit oil for the occasional hangover…

I’d also like to inspire you to join me in a Cleanse & Restore protocol in the new year. This is a great way to get your *free Frankincense* (plus some more freebies – see below) and start the New Year refreshed and revitalised 




To read up on a lot of Frankincense info please click here: January Newsletter

Or watch Dr. Hill talk about it here: Dr. Hill: Frankincense


Frankincese is truly the King of Oils and can be used in so many beneficial ways. As Dr. Hill likes to say: When in doubt, get the Frankincense out.

And if you haven’t tried it internally yet then you might be inspired by this:7568FD66-AABB-4620-8E8C-2FBA9A883646.jpeg

Paul and I also made made a video about how we use the Frankincense oil. You can watch it here


And since we’re into watching videos today I’d also like to share this beautiful animated video of the story of the doTerra Frankincense oil with you


I hope you enjoyed all the videos 💜





So this is the doTerra Cleanse & Restore programme that I have heard some impressive stories about from friends in the US and Europe. As you can see the Lifelong Vitality supplements are optional. But like myself, I know that lots of you are already taking them every month. I am really curious about the Restore part of this programme. I’ve been cleansing regularly for the last 15 years and I feel like there has been a lack of restoring after the cleanses – restoring, nourishing and revitalising the body.

Please click here to find out more about his unique cleanse.

Like I mentioned before, this is not just a great way to start the new year it will also earn you a free bottle of Frankincense. And I will throw in a free bottle of oil for everyone from my team who participates PLUS you will be in the draw for a  Verage Skincare Kit worth $100. And if you are new to doTerra essential oils please contact me so you can also receive all the freebies.


Everyone who participates will be part of a private Facebook group where we can share our progress. I thought we might start on the 5th January 2018  and you can join in any time after that as well. So please send me a message for more information on how to get the kit. And let’s start 2018 with great restored vitality and health!


theThis is not only the month of Frankincense but also Myrrh – another very precious oil that also comes from a tree resin



In emotional aromatherapy Myrrh is the Oil of Mother Earth: Myrrh nurtures the soul’s relationship with it’s maternal mother and with the earth. This oil supports individuals who have had disturbances with the mother-child bond. When the mother-child bond has been disrupted, the soul may lose its childlike ability to trust. Feelings of trust are replaced with feelings of fear and a belief that the world is unsafe. Myrrh assists individuals in letting go of fear. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book

Let’s look at another precious tree oil – Sandalwood which is made from the wood of the tree itself. And here’s a  very impressive video  about the sourcing of Sandalwood in Hawaii.


In emotional aromatherapy Sandalwood is the Oil of Sacred Devotion: Sandalwood assists with all kinds of prayer, meditation and spiritual worship. It teaches reverence and respect for Deity. This oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart and prepare the spirit to commune with God. ~ excerpt from Emotions & Essential Oils book



Please let me know if you need help to access these promotions.

And remember that there are more free oils and products when you join me for the Cleanse & Restore programme 💜


IMG_7699Who needs a few more presents for family and friends? Here are great ideas to make some yourself with your essential oils:








Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ November 2017


Dear friends,

summer has arrived here on the west coast of Australia. A busy time of the year with the school year coming to an end, lots of outdoor activities and time spent on the beach. I’ve already had my first sunburn of the season. And the oils have been a great help looking after that. So let’s look at how our oils can support us during the summer…



After my first visit to the beach and exposing my winter skin to the sun I made up the following aftersun lotion. I found that adding the oils to the doTerra lotion made my skin feel more nurtured then using a carrier oil 


I also made up a spray to soothe and cool the skin similar to the ones below. I used Lavender, Frankincense, Melaleuca and Roman Chamomile in a spray bottle with water. The Chamomile is very soothing and calming for the skin and smells beautiful.


The other thing that is so important in summer is to stay properly hydrated. I find that I can drink a lot more water if I add a couple of drops of essential oils to it. One oil in particular that I love in my drinking water is Smart & Sassy – a combination of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon oil. It’s citrusy and refreshing and really good for your metabolism

Make sure to always use glass or stainless steel bottles. The Lemon oil for example has such strong cleansing properties that it can draw the plastic toxins out of your bottle if you use a plastic bottle.




In emotional aromatherapy Roman Chamomile is the Oil of Spiritual Purpose: Roman Chamomile supports an individual in discovering and living their true life purpose. Regardless of what they do for a living, Chamomile helps them find purpose and meaning in their lives. It assists a person in shedding the meaningless activities that consume their lives so that they can focus on a more fulfilling work, even the work of their own souls. People fear and believe that if they do what they love, they will end up destitute.  Roman Chamomile says, “Do what you love and everything will be a success.” ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book


In emotional aromatherapy Ginger is the Oil of Empowerment: Ginger oil holds no reservations. It has a purpose and it will fulfill it! Ginger powerfully persuades individuals to be fully present and participate in life. It teaches that to be successful in life one must be fully committed to it. Ginger empowers individuals in taking complete responsibility for their life circumstances. It infuses a warrior-like mentality based on personal integrity, centralised responsibility and individual choice. Here, the individual sees themselves as the creator of their own life. ~  excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book


In emotional aromatherapy Cedarwood is the Oil of Community: Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. It supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone; life is a shared experience. It invites individuals to both give and receive, so they may experience the strength of groups and the joy of relationships. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book



The above promotions are available in Australia this month. Please let me know if you need help to access them.




And remember… if you are part of my doTerra team you are warmly invited to our next Tribe Appreciation Day – you should have received an invitation by email or via Facebook. 

The last Tribe Appreciation Day in September was a big success with lots of learning opportunities, sharing oil stories, trying oil infused food and stalls to buy books and accessories.

This is our THANK YOU for being part of our doTerra team. We want to support you in making the best choices for your family’s health. And we want you to be part of all the latest news, products and research.



We are also offering a special class for Pregnancy, Birth and beyond. Please feel free to invite friends that might be interested and contact me for address details – thank you!











Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ October 2017



Dear friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you all in good health and making the most of your essential oils. There’s sooooo much great news in the doTerra community that I hardly know where to start… Last month doTerra held its annual Convention in Salt Lake City. 30,000 people attended it plus another 10,000 online – I was one of those and managed to see almost all the presentations. As always I am most fascinated by all the scientific research that has been published on the amazing effects of these pure therapeutic grade essential oils. And of course all the new oils that have been released: three new single oils, three Touch oils (diluted in fractionated coconut oil) and three new blends.  Let’s jump right in and have a look at one of the new oils – Copaiba – which Dr. Hill said will become one of the most used oils…


So, let me try to recap what I learned about Copaiba in the convention presentation:


As you can see in the comparison above, the cannabinoids derived from cannabis and hemp are either not very effective or do also effect the CB1 receptor which interacts with our brain and Central nervous system. That’s why it has a drug related effect. BetaCaroPhyllene – BCP  – derived from the Copaiba plant will only interact with the CB2 receptor which effects our endocrine and immune systems. And that’s exactly the therapeutic interaction we want.


I have just received my own bottle of Copaiba and have started taking two drops directly on the tongue last night to see for myself what the benefits are. Since convention people have been sharing the effects of it generously. One person stated that it had a much more potent effect then the cannabidiol oil she had been taking previously. With the added advantage of being much cheaper. There’s a lot of talk online about the miracle cure of cannabis oil. However, Copaiba promises to be more effective while also being legally obtainable.

At the moment the Copaiba oil is only available through the US warehouse. I am waiting for my next order and if you live in Australia and are not enrolled with a different doTerra team I’m happy to send you a sample size bottle. For more information please send me a message or email.




As I said earlier, three of the newly released oils come in Touch bottles which means that they are already diluted with fractionated coconut oil. The interesting fact here is that diluting essential oils does not make them less potent. It only changes the absorption. When essential oils are applied directly to the skin part of them will evaporate due to their volatile nature. When the essential oils are diluted with an appropriate carrier oil – we prefer fractionated coconut oil because it is non-greasy and easily absorbed – they are bound in the carrier oil and will not evaporate. The fractionated coconut oil will make the absorption slower but also deeper which in many cases will be more effective. 

So let’s introduce this beautiful trio of Touch oils:


In emotional aromatherapy Jasmine is the Oil of Sexual Purity & Balance: Jasmine nurtures healthy sexuality and helps to balance sexual forces. It may also arouse dormant passions, assisting individuals to regain interest in the sexual experience. Jasmine encourages the release of past sexual trauma. Through its gentle, purifying nature, Jasmine brings forward unresolved sexual experiences and facilitates the healing process. Jasmine encourages safety within intimate relationships and invites only the purest intentions to the sexual experience. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book




And last but not least the oil we’ve all been waiting for:IMG_9463IMG_9474

In emotional aromatherapy Rose is the Oil of Divine Love: Rose oil holds a higher frequency then any other oil on the planet. It is a powerful healer of the heart. It supports an individual in reaching heavenward and contacting Divine love. Rose invites individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine. This love heals all hearts and dresses all wounds. It restores an individual to authenticity, wholeness and purity. Rose embodies Divine love and teaches individuals how to contact this love through prayer, meditation and opening the heart to receive. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book


Again, all these three new Touch oils are only available through the US warehouse at the moment. Please let me know if you need help ordering them.


And talking about the frequency in the Rose oil… if you are in Perth make sure to come around for an ITOVi scan of the frequencies of 273 bio points in your body:


Here’s the link to our video: ITOVi scan video

and the link to: Our YouTube channel



This month you and a friend who wants to become a doTerra member can both receive *50 free points* to spend on your next order. Here are some ideas what you can get for 50 points:


Please let me know if you need help with enrolling a friend or if you would like to host a class. I’m happy to come around and teach the class for you and you can receive the bonuses 💜




Plus a few more recipes from the doTerra website to tempt you: Chocolate & Oils




If you are a member on our doTerra team you will receive an invitation to our next Tribe Appreciation Day on Saturday, 2nd December in the Guildford Town Hall. There will be stalls, presentations, a goody bag of samples to take home and lots of people to talk to and share your essential oil experiences with 💜





Nicole’s doTerra Newsletter ~ September 2017


Dear friends,

finally… spring is in the air here in Western Australia – blue skies and sunshine. Last month our team here in Perth had a *Tribe Appreciation Day*. Over 70 of our doTerra members joined us on Saturday, 19 August at Guildford town hall for 3.5 hours of exploring essential oils. We had 6 different presentations on  making your own blends ~ diy cleaning products ~ cooking with essential oils ~ Lifelong Vitality supplements ~ emotional aromatherapy for children ~ first aid with doTerra. Plus market stalls offering essential oil related books, accessories, diffusers, jewellery and home made skin care. And iTOVi scans – more on that later…


The day was such a big success. Everyone went home with a goody bag full of products, new inspiration and knowledge on how to make the most of their oils. We are already planning another similar event for the first weekend in December.



With spring in the air it feels like such a perfect time for a bit of self care. Grab that cup of tea and sit in the sun for a few moments soaking up the warmth. Spend just 10 min a day journaling, drawing, stitching. Nurture your soul and spirit.


Essential oils can be such a great support in self care. They help us to relax, to cheer up, to overcome negative emotions, to nurture body and soul.

I came across this great blend the other day: Patchouli ~ Bergamot ~ Black Pepper. Most of us can be a bit hard on ourselves from time to time, right? This blend addresses those issues in a beautiful way.


All in all this blend is grounding, uplifting and warming. When I heard about it I put it in my diffuser straight away! And it is really beautiful for a little massage after a bath or shower or before going to bed: in a small bowl combine 10ml fractionated coconut oil with 2 drops each of Patchouli, Bergamot and Black Pepper – if you don’t have these oils make up your own personal blend. Massage into body from feet upwards.


Self care doesn’t have to take long. It can be those few moments where you get out a bottle of your favourite essential oil, rub a drop between the palms of your hands and inhale the aroma several times. The aromatic particals enter your nose and travel to the limbic system in your brain. Within a couple of seconds they affect your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and emotions – making you feel relaxed, enlivened, motivated, uplifted…  Make sure to remember to inhale your oils regularly throughout the day.  

To take the whole experience to another level I will add some recipes for self care in the >DIY section< of the newsletter 💜



doterra released two new oils recently that are only available in Australia and New Zealand: Litsea and Manuka


IMG_8609So far I have only tried the Litsea, which is so similar to Melissa oil but at a fraction of the price. And I am looking forward to getting both of these beautiful oils *FREE* this month with the September promotion – that’s $98 worth of free oils! Find out all about it in the >SPECIAL PROMOTIONS< section of this newsletter…

The other oil you can get free this month is Clove oil, if you put your Loyalty Rewards Order of 125PV in before the 15th September.



In emotional aromatherapy Clove is the Oil of Boundaries: Clove supports individuals to let go of victim mentality. It helps individuals to stand up for themselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making their own decisions, regardless of others’ opinions or responses.  Clove assists individuals in letting go of patterns of self-betrayal and codependency by reconnecting them with their personal integrity. It builds up appropriate boundaries and defences. ~ excerpt from ‘Emotions & Essential Oils’ book



Please let me know if you need any help to access these offers. The Clove oil  plus the Manuka and Litsea are worth $116.25 – all free this month if you place a LRP order of 200PV.

This is also a great way to get started with oil. Please contact me if any of your friends are interested in joining doTerra with this offer and I will gift you a 100ml bottle of massage oil blend with the Patchouli, Bergamot and Black Pepper oils.


IMG_8658.PNGAnd here are a few tips and recipes on how to take self-care to the pampering level:








Paul and I made this little video about the ITOVi scan

Plus more videos about essential oils on our YouTube channel