Creativity and Clutter

by 8am this morning everyone had left for school and work and i was eager to get in the studio and do something creative. i knew i had all day – the first one would come home around 4pm…. but when i got to the studio i just couldn't start without doing a bit of tidying – it was a mess (see picture last post)! the bit of tidying turned into a long sorting out and reorganising session. by the end most of the morning was gone and i started my WORK.IMGP1139 IMGP1153

it's an art journal/photo album with a hand felted cover. i used fine merino wool and felted off-cuts of silk fabric and mohair locks onto it before i dyed it with eucalyptus leaves and mistletoe. the watercolour paper pages have joss paper glued onto them.

so that's the WORK and here's a THOUGHT: how do creativity and clutter relate? i feel a need to clean my work space before i start something. i don't always do it because of lack of time. but when i take the time to de-clutter i feel like i am preparing myself on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – to allow  an artistic process to take place. and then i can just let go and dive into that creative space….

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