How many is too many?

as soon as the summer is over the knitting needles come out and i couldn't resist the yummy wool i bought at woollylatte…


i'm wearing the little scarf right now as i am writing…


the thing i SHOULD have been working on – my top priority knitting project – is a jumper for my husband. almost 4 years ago i thought it would be a good idea to give him a voucher for a hand knitted jumper. that was the first mistake. the second mistake was to choose this extremely time consuming kaffe fasset design…


i so much hope that i will finish it before his next birthday in a couple of weeks…


and then there are all these other knitting projects. some of them have been lurking around in boxes and baskets and bags for years. like this beautiful thing (i have no idea what it will be) made from wool that i plant dyed and a kaffe fasset design i absolutely had to try out…


i just love the colours and texture…


and this thing (again no idea what it will be)…more plant dyed wool and a weaving stitch that i love…


and this one is another one of my favourites that i really, really want to finish. i have spun this wool from the most beautiful fine black merino fleece and started to knit a jumper for myself. problem is i can't continue knitting unless i do more spinning…


and this herringbone pattern in a mohair/alpaca/wool blend that i just HAD to try out. maybe one day it will turn into a soft shawl…


that's all i found for today. but i know that if i dug a bit deeper i would find more things hiding in secret places: unfinished knitted animals, a sock here and there, at least another scarf….


2 thoughts on “How many is too many?

  1. oh my goodness nicole! i had no idea i have been hanging out with such a knitting goddess! and here i am proudly showing you my wonky garter stitched block blanket – hehe! these are amazing and you must show them to me in real life…i should have known your talents were endless! i am blown away!

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