Autumn Morning and Veil Painting

it's a beautiful autumn morning here in the hills outside perth. everything looks fresh and greener after the recent rains…




and this is my beautiful indian runner duck 'sparks' who has a smile on her face this morning…


this morning i'll be organising my workshops and classes for the next two months. here's the first one: a four week art class on a monday night doing






these paintings are done with very thin watercolours drying each veil with a blow-dryer before you apply the next veil. we will only use three colours: one to represent the light, one for objects behind the light and one for objects in front of the light. as you can see lots of shades of colours are created by the overlapping veils.

so if you live around perth and are interested in joining us send me an email … we'll start next monday, the 26th of april.


One thought on “Autumn Morning and Veil Painting

  1. This is GORGEOUS! I love the last photo. I’m a belly dancer and in August my troupe will be dancing with veils. I would love to learn to do this! Do I see an etsy listing in the future? 🙂

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