Felting Kit with Photo Tutorial

I have just put a couple of felting kits with online photo tutorials for this gorgeous scarf into my etsy shop


it took me a while to learn all the necessary skills to be able to do this…it all started when i gave a nuno scarf felting workshop last month which emily wrote about on her blog and her readers asked for an online tutorial…since then i have played lots with my new camera, opened an etsy shop, started this blog, learned how to upload photos…. it's really quite amazing!!! I feel like i have entered a whole new world – and i thoroughly enjoy it…




the kit comes in 5 different colours:

IMGP1603 IMGP1604IMGP1607IMGP1608IMGP1609

 oh, and the name was inspired by the scarf that emily made in my workshop: THE TAJ…



2 thoughts on “Felting Kit with Photo Tutorial

  1. these kits are so beautiful! I’m hoping you will continue to offer them? I can’t really afford one right now -but in a few weeks!!
    Love your website, by the way! (found it through Emily F.!)

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