A Pixie, a Lizard Baby and a new Creation

yesterday was another one of those fun filled creative days spent with a friend and the children….apart from the usual chatting/eating/felting we had a pixie in the garden…


(the hat will be coming to my etsy shop soon)

and a new born blue-tongue bobtail lizard baby at the neighbour's house…


here you can see it curled up with it's mother whom i found seemingly lifeless on our driveway last week and took to the neighbour who cares for injured bobtails. a few days later she stilled hadn't moved much or eaten but then gave birth to this little one on the weekend…


it is certainly more active then it's mother and totally self-efficient, eating raw egg from a teaspoon. it will spent the winter months with our neighbour and will be released onto our property in spring.

And here is me working on an idea that i had the night before when i couldn't sleep because i had too much coffee at my favourite cafe the day before (check out BOUCLA on rokeby road in subiaco for the best coffee, most delicious cakes and yummy food)…


here i am modelling the finished result which turned out well but had too many ruffles for me to keep it for myself…

IMGP1689   IMGP1698 IMGP1697IMGP1693

lucky for me a friend dropped in later on and it suited her perfectly. so this brand new creation which was still a bit damp in some parts has already gone to a new home.

meanwhile i am thinking about how to change the process to create something that is more me….


4 thoughts on “A Pixie, a Lizard Baby and a new Creation

  1. That top is fabulous, love seeing the process and, although I hate to lose sleep, I do love those ideas that burn so bright you can’t do anything else until you’ve worked it out and produced your creation 🙂
    I found your blog through Emily’s, love what you’re doing. If only I was living at home (Lesmurdie / Kalamunda) I’d take be able to some of your classes, but I’m far away here in California dreaming of the hills.

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