Another Lebenskuenstler kind of Day


it's probably time to explain what 'lebenskuenstler' means….so many people have asked me lately….

my husband says that i am a lebenskuenstler. it's one of my two favourite german words (the other one is 'augenweide'). 'leben' means life and a 'kuenstler' is an artist… 'lebenskuenstler' is an artist of life – which sounds a bit awkward to me….but then again i'm not a native english speaker…

the german dictionary defines lebenskuenstler as 'a person who has mastered the art of life and makes the best out of every situation'.  i find that description a bit unimaginative….

for me a lebenskuenstler is also someone who can approach everything in an artistic way. this requires creativity, imagination and sometimes courage. for example, instead of experiencing house work as a chore you can turn it into an artistic activity by creating a beautiful environment, a nourishing meal or learning how to make things yourself instead of buying them….for me part of being a lebenskuenstler is being a homemaker.

so today we had another kind of lebenskuenstler day….a relaxing breakfast…working outdoors…a bit of felting….a warming soup….some house work…a chat with my mum over a cup of tea…finishing a painting…and after dinner we'll watch a bollywood movie with a friend….an all together satisfying day!


3 thoughts on “Another Lebenskuenstler kind of Day

  1. I found your blog through blurfing (a fun made-up English word).
    I love the name of your blog and being a native English speaker, I translated it as: life artist (since I lace the nuanced understanding of German that a native speaker would have). That in turn made me think of Ali Edwards and some of her publications.
    Your work is lovely; thanks so much for sharing.

  2. lace (in the previous post) is a typo for LACK!!! I have some capabilities as an English speaker; it’s just that I have a native ability for TYPO as well. Duh!!!

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