Doing Nothing

when was the last time you did nothing? not as a result of sheer exhaustion…..but as a conscious decision?


i've had a really busy week and took some time this morning to do…nothing…

so many people complain about not having enough time. i believe that in order to HAVE time you have to MAKE time. time is not linear – time is an experience (when you're bored time moves slowly and when you're having a fun time it goes too fast)

so what happens when you CREATE some time to do nothing….just sit and enjoy your breath – that simple miracle that keeps us enlivened….feel the sun and breeze on your skin….listen to the birds and bees….observe the leaves on the trees…


it's those simple pleasures that are vital to keeping my life balanced ….that inspire more creativity…and make time my friend….

and here's something else i'd like to share:

my mum came over the other day saying that she had read my blog and that the hat and scarf would look so much better on a real person. she usually doesn't like to have her picture taken but offered that i could use her as a model. so here's my mum who taught me lots about style and fashion…


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