Wet and Cold

this morning around 5:30am we were woken up by rain and hail on the tin roof and lightning illuminating the bush around the house. i didn't feel like going back to bed after we checked that everything was  okay outside, so i put a couple of woolly jumpers on and went to the studio to do some spinning…..


this is a beautiful fine black merino fleece which was on the sheep for  2 years and the tips are bleached from the sun and extremely dirty – full of grass seeds and burrs…..


i take a bit at a time, cut the dirty tips off and spin it straight from the fleece without carding…..i love my textured yarns, full of character….


by the time it was light outside and time for breakfast the rain had stopped, leaving puddles and drops….





i was reflecting on my urge to bring the knitting out as soon as the summer is over and the spinning wheel when it gets cold and wet……is this a sign of being in tune with nature?

but no matter how much i love to knit and spin my longing for warmer climates is even stronger. this is the time of year when i dream of going up north……we usually spend 2 weeks around easter camping on the beaches of the ningaloo reef. this year we stayed home to spend time with family……and last year we spend 5 weeks in the kimberly in july/august…..total bliss…..ideally i would love to spend the whole winter months up there….but for the time being it's back to dreaming……







oh….and i am so glad that emily and banjo and i had our inspirational indulgence yesterday when the weather was still sunny………


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