I Did It!!!!!

yes, i did it! i made my first pavlova…all by myself! and it worked!  okay, it doesn't look quite the same as the one i brought home from amanda's house (sweet mothers day )…..but i am sooooooooo proud of myself!!!

i've been talking pavlova to everyone over the last week and one friend suggested i try putting some ground hazelnuts and chocolate in part of it.

so here's what i did: i followed amanda's instructions and then divided the mix in two. one half i put straight on the baking tray and the other one i added grated lindt chocolate 70% with chilli and some ground hazelnuts to and then also put it on the baking try. they looked great when they came out of the oven….


i used the chocolate/hazelnut one for the bottom and added whipped cream and mixed berries…..


then i put the second meringue on top…


added more cream and berries and grated chocolate….


and voila…. the perfect desert for a cold and wet day!



2 thoughts on “I Did It!!!!!

  1. Hi Nicole, Vivian here 🙂 This looks absolutely delicious.. my mouth is literally watering.. I can’t seem to find an ’email me’ button so thought I would try and contact you this way. Lovely meeting you yesterday 🙂

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