Beautiful Scarves – Part One

as promised some pictures of the amazing variety of scarves that were being created today….








all the above scarves are being laid out in a random grid, mostly from 'pot luck batts' in mixed fibres, some have a bit of silk fibres added on top…

and now some finished but still wet products…





it was a great creative day and i feel tired and achy now – not from teaching though…. i love teaching others how to create things with wool  – i'm tired and achy from carrying  all those trestle tables …..

and i am hoping for a Part Two of the Beautiful Scarves next week when hopefully everyone will wear them – nice and dry!

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Scarves – Part One

  1. i had such a great day – i want to do it again tomorrow 🙂 nothing better than having a creative day with other juicy souls…happy children + belly warming soup. thanks for sharing your goodness with all of us today…i love my scarf!

  2. Yep, had a great day here a well, I love the instant gratification of felting something. It’s very satisfying to both start and finish a project in a day… an unusual luxury for me.
    Emily, yours turned out fab, looks great on your hair.

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