Hunting for Honey

i recently posted  a comment to sara at farmama regarding the extraction of honey from the honeycomb by squeezing it between your hands. this is where i got the idea…


our teenager spent a month in nepal last year experiencing different cultures, doing community work, going trekking and having adventures. when he came back he gave us this beautiful book called 'hunting for honey – adventures with the rajis of nepal' by eric valli.


the rajis are nomads. they don't keep bees – they follow the bees who in return follow the flowering of trees and crops…


this ancient practise is threatened by the approach of modern life…


and this is certainly one of the most amazing books i have read with absolutely beautiful photos of the rajis and their lifes…


apparently eric valli has also made a documentary called 'hunting for honey'.

2 thoughts on “Hunting for Honey

  1. Hi Nicole,
    That looks like an incredible book. I do thank you for sharing the idea of squeezing the combs to extract the honey. We ended up with two quarts of honey (we’ve already eaten one!) I’m going to look for that book now.
    I like your blog….such beautiful scarves you make!

  2. Fascinating!
    I love honey and love the idea of beekeeping but it would seem a rather life threatening hobby/partime in my household. Too many anaphylaxis sufferers here!
    Looks yum though.

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