My Creative Space….

on sunday i had this fabulous idea to make something for myself and spent hours laying out wool and silk fibres in really, really thin layers on a piece of muslin 1.2m x almost 3m – it was huge….


then i started the felting process which was long and awkward because of the size. and then i had a brilliant idea: why not rinse and spin this big and heavy lump of soapy wool in the washing washing? ….. half an hour later i pulled a totally shrunk piece of felt from the washing machine – this was surely not going to cover my kidneys – i'm a big woman!   so after the initial grief i prepared it for the puff-ball-fungi-dye-bath and put it on the wood fire stove. I was even patient enough to leave it in the pot until the next morning …. and this is the almost finished product (will have sew on a button today) which will fit a smaller figure then mine very well….




a close up of the eucalyptus leave dye prints….



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