“Mmmmmm…..That Smells Amazing….”

most of my creative energy these days goes into things other then cooking. so when a dear friend went away for the weekend and i received most of her veggie box that she has delivered every week i suddenly felt inspired to improvise on a laksa – a singaporean/malaysian coconut curry/soup that you eat with  rice noodles…

first i pan roasted a teaspoon each of cummin and coriander until they became fragrant and then i ground them…



then i grated and chopped some of the fresh ginger, turmeric and garlic and cooked them in some ghee for a couple of minutes and then added three chopped tomatoes and let it all cook for 10 minutes…


next i chopped the veggies and added them together with two cups of water and some curry powder…


while the veggies were cooking i put on the rice noodles. ones the veggies were soft i added a tin of coconut milk, a tablespoon of tamarind paste, three tablespoons of palm sugar and some salt…


to serve you put the noodles in the bowl first and then top it with the laksa and some chilli and lime juice….


it was so nice to hear a 'mmmmm… that smells amazing' rather then the usual 'oh no, not rice and dhal again'…


i only just noticed though that someone is playing with their food!!!!

anyway, thank you so much for the veggies, dawn, that inspired me to cook a non-boring meal.


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