Home Alone on a Long Weekend


i had a whole list of things that i wanted to do this weekend (and one with things i should do!) and apart from getting a rest, having coffee with my mum, freshly baked waffles and an art play with a friend, a movie and a good book…. i actually managed to finish a few projects.

like finally sewing a button onto the vest…


almost finishing a knitted bolero for a friend…


and digging up all my old desert design clothes. i managed to salvage two skirts by adding new waist bands…


and cut up a jumper, a t-shirt and a skirt to make myself a new bag. the strap is from a curtain that my mum gave to me…


i'm really happy how the bag turned out. especially that it is reversible…



and last night i made these samples for tomorrows craft meeting…


we have named them 'dingle dangles' since i don't know what the proper name is; do you? they are made from bits of felt and silk and cloth threaded together with beads and other treasures…


just imagine how much work we all could get done if every weekend had 4 days…. endless possibilities…


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