Another Year Older, Maturer….Wiser?

i turned 44 yesterday. there was an abundance of beautiful handmade cards, home made cakes, thoughtful presents…. and a bit of musing on my part about age and time…


i love being 'older'. there seems to have been a gradual shift over the last few years. in my thirties i felt so much more under pressure to either fit in and/or find my individuality…. to be a mother, a wife, an artist, a teacher, a daughter, a friend,….. now i enjoy to just BE…. and to be in the moment rather then reminiscing about the past or worrying about the future.

i feel so much younger at heart then when i was younger in age – except for the days when i'm so exhausted i feel like i'm a hundred years old!!!  but generally speaking, i'm enjoying a freedom within myself that i didn't have when i was younger. 



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