My Creative Space

bali must be one of the most creative places in the world – it's truly a hub of creativity.

it starts with nature: everything is so lush and green – it's like nature is throbbing with creativity: there's things sprouting and shooting and growing absolutely everywhere… here are a couple pictures i took just outside our front door….



and the boys are amazed that everyone they meet whether they farm the fields or work in a hotel, also has an artistic streak: they paint or carve, play gamelan music or dance, etc….

the women also make these daily offering which they weave from palm leaves before they


place the flowers etc inside…


two days ago we visited one of the worlds leading centers for creative learning: GREEN SCHOOL …. we had an hour long meeting with the director who gave us a tour of the school and shared his experiences of being involved with green school. one of the things he said was that even after 24 years of being the director of international schools in manila, jakarta and singapore he was blown away by the creativity of the children in a learning environment like green school. we took lots of pictures – here are just a few. everything at green school is made from bamboo – absolutely everything, including the 'heart of school', the biggest bamboo structure in asia. this is the model of the 3-storey building…





and as for my own creativity – last night i felt inspired to get out my pencils and pastels for the first time in a long time…


and this is what i ended up with: 'tranquility'…..


after lunch we will be going to sayan village – a short walk from our house – where the teenager will have his first gamelan lesson with kadek, an inspiring young musician whom i have known since he was 3 years old!

sebastian is hoping to do some batik with my friend kesi, who has a batik business. and i am just looking forward to hang out with friends….


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