i'm so glad we have this great outdoor kitchen here. we don't have to go to a cafe or restaurant all the time and i can make our own food. we usually have breakfast at home, go out for lunch and mostly have dinner at home too. there's a small balinese food stall just around the corner where we can buy fresh fruit and veggies and other local cooking supplies. for more western type food like milk and butter, cheese, jam and cereals we go to a big supermarket which is a 10-15 min walk on the way to ubud. in ubud itself there are several bakeries now. one of them makes the most amazing chiabatta bread, chocolate croissants and eclairs…

for breakfast i usually make a big plate of fresh fruit: pineapple, papaya, banana, mango and today we also had starfruit…


don't they look amazing?


this morning i also made some balinese black rice pudding…


it's quite easy to make: you cook a handful each of black rice and glutinous rice with a pinch of salt until it's soft. then you add some coconut milk, which i made from freshly grated coconut today (grate it, add warm water and squeeze), some grated palm sugar and a banana…


back at home i buy the rice and palm sugar at one of the asian shops in northbridge…



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