Trip to East Bali

we've just come back from a 6-day trip to the eastern part of bali. it's so much less touristy and more rural there. we spent 2 nights at an amazing retreat place at the foothills of mount agung – bali's highest volcano…



this area is famous for it's weaving techniques. we went and visited the only woman in the area who weaves the silk sonket cloth with PLANT DYED SILK. when we arrived she had just picked a basket of bark for the golden brown background colour of the cloth…



another technique from this area is the finely woven ikat. i first visited this workshop in 1989 when my mum, my grandma and my sister came to visit me in bali. nothing seems to have changed since then – the girls and women still work in a dark room on the ancient looking looms…


from the foothills of mount agung we drove on past the coastal town of padang bai. this is where the big cruise ships stop (none there that day) and the ferry leaves to lombok. we stopped for a while and watched a wooden boat carrying seaweed from java dock. there was also a very amusing 'dipe boot' – dive boat….


from here we went to visit tenganan, a unique village in bali which has kept it's traditions from pre-hindu times. it's surrounded by a wall, pedestrian access only, and people can only marry within the village or move out! they have long meeting houses in the village centre and cobble stone paths. this is also where the famous double ikat is woven – a traditional cloth where warp and weft are dyed in patters before weaving. the ceremonial cloths are bound and plant dyed and then left to rest for up to 50 years for maximum strength of colour before they are unbound and woven. now they make some for tourists which are left for about 6 months….


another unique thing in this village are water buffaloes and pink and yellow roosters dyed with food colour…


and on we drove, right around the far eastern coast of bali where the road clings to mount seraya and people still live a very simple, isolated live…

until we reached a little fishing village on the north east coast where we stayed in a little bamboo hut on the beach for 3 days watching the fishermen go out twice a day with their beautiful dugout boats, and i was showered with frangipani flowers first thing in the morning…


we also watched some spectacular sunrises – so different to the sunsets over the ocean in western australia. the boys spent quite a bit of time snorkelling over  the coral gardens and exploring a japanese ship wreck…



on the way back we drove through some more stunning landscapes…



and now we've got another week back here outside of ubud in our little house. the boys feel quite at home here by now and we are all looking forward to attending some ceremonies, doing a bit more shopping, eating more yummy balinese food, having some more gamelan/batik/dance lessons and hanging out with friends…


One thought on “Trip to East Bali

  1. Are you sure I am not talking to the author of Eat Pray Love. You have such an exciting life. I go from Texas to Kansas and that is it. I have to read more…and I have to learn how to put pictures in my blog and the multiple picture format like you have. WONDERFUL!!!
    Signed…Plain Ol’e Debbie

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