Back in Oz….

the first things to do when you come home, in order of age…

create an environment for your batik cushions…


surround yourself with lots of technology and start watching all the dvds you bought…


put on your woollies, light the fire and have a hot drink…


make sure the ducks are happy, start on the laundry, lay out all your treasures…




i'm especially excited about these things…


batik tools. including 2 old javanese brass stamps…



we've been back for a couple of days and it still feels strange… i'm still recovering from a flu that i got after being sick with a fever last weekend.

our month in bali was so full of impressions – the sounds and smells and tastes of bali, the tropical air on our skin, the smiles of our friends and total strangers, the intensity of the ceremonies, the beauty of nature…. a life that is so full, so creative, it makes you feel totally alive…

we'll be going back to it in our hearts and thoughts until we are able to return…



2 thoughts on “Back in Oz….

  1. Love all the coloured scarves and beads… Cant wait to hear all about the ceremonial events and celebrations. (when you feel like being western again)! You missed a pretty cold month here and we thought one tonne of wood would last all winter!! who were we kidding!. Ive finally sorted my google account so now can write comments..
    I bet the boys had the time of their lives.
    C u soon once your all resettled again xxx

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