Soap + Wool = Bubbling Felt Balls

just recently i received a bag full of hand made soap from my wonderful friend denise who lives on the other side of the big red island. these are some of her first home made soap balls…


to make soap last a bit longer in the shower and not disintegrate into a squishy, guey heap i often wrap them in wool and felt them.

here's what you need: soap, wool, soapy water and a towel…


wrap the soap in a couple of layers of wool…




then dip the ball in some water and roll it between your hands until the wool felts together…



these bubbling felt balls are also great for camping and travelling – we took some to bali. they are a lot less messy then normal soap and they look great too…


this is also a great project to do with children – we once did a whole lot for christmas presents.

thanks denise, for the beautiful soaps. they smell great too!


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