Cake and Beads

while i am still at home, recovering from the recent flu, i managed to bake an apple cake today, get a tiny bit of exercise and sort out all my beads…


hoping for a bit more energy tomorrow… trying to be patient and not overdo things again…  i guess that's how i got so sick in the first place – just kept going even though i had this flu hanging around since mid june.  i always see my most important job as providing a nurturing environment for the family and i try to keep doing that even when i am unwell. which now seems a bit silly, since that is certainly not nurturing to myself… and look at me now – so run down and weak!

on the up-side, i am very excited that i can even exercise a tiny bit again. i've been struggling with knee problems for the last few years and over the last 10 months it has been so bad that i haven't been able to exercise at all. sometimes i couldn't even walk without pain…  so on my last day in bali i decided to go and see a traditional healer. his name had kept coming up and i thought i'd give it a go… 

a balinese friend drove me to see the healer (and no, it's not the one from 'eat, pray, love'). the payment had to be put into a balinese offering along with flowers and be deposited on a table when we got there. the healer is a very energetic elderly gentleman, who looked at my knees and said:'out of balance!' (did he mean just my knees or my whole self?)  then he took a little wooden stick and pocked it around my little toe until he found a spot that made me scream out in pain and lift off the mat i was lying on…  he told me that he had 'opened' my knee and that it was better now. i was given a green herbal oil to rub into my back and thighs that night and that was it.  and it worked!

i admit that i have been sceptical, but for the last 3 weeks my knee has looked and felt normal. i am still very careful and again, i will try not to overdo things and over-exercise!

so there you go, from cake and beads to balinese healer….


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