i have just finished working on this felted baby papoose. a few months ago four of us came together to felt a papoose for a friend who was expecting a baby. we didn't know whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, so we made it from organic white wool (unfortunately my pictures of it have been deleted 😦

ever since then i have been itching to make another one – a colourful one! the outside layer of wool is a hand-dyed fine merino, the inside layer is a white organic fine merino. felted onto the inside is also a layer of cotton muslin, which gives the papoose extra strength and prevents any pilling of the wool on the inside. the buttons are carved coconut shell and have felted ties…


front view – and back view….


in lack of a real baby i used a waldorf baby doll for the pictures. the papoose however is for a real baby – newborn to 6 months – and will be added to my shop very soon…


3 thoughts on “Papoose

  1. nicole, i’m dying! it is AMAZING! almost makes me want another baby….!!!! wish i had met you 13 months ago 😉
    miss you and your studio already…and your boys, em xx

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