Sewing with Hubertine

for the last 2 saturdays i've been travelling across perth with 2 friends, 3 sewing machines and baskets full of fabrics, threads, buttons, etc to jody pearls studio for a sewing class. jody runs these amazing re-invention classes where you turn your old clothes and op-shop finds into new fashion. and she also teaches people basic sewing skills – like making cushions (have a look at her blog post about our class)…



i'm really happy to have spent these 2 saturdays becoming acquainted with hubertine and learning some new skills – thank you very much jody! and now i can't wait for the re-inventing class that we will have in october…


One thought on “Sewing with Hubertine

  1. Ok, not sure if this is where I comment, but I love Juanita the most, she is so much the Earth Mother, her body has some heft for wrapping arms around her Bambino, she just holds that precious bundle with such ease and tenderness. Lovely site, so glad KellyRae with her new baby boy let us all know about you and your beautiful work

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