A Nurturing Balance


i am just recovering from a virus that i have been carrying around for the last three months (all the way to bali and back!). and as i am regaining vitality and energy i am becoming increasingly aware of how out of balance i have been. i can still hear the words of the balinese healer: 'out of balance. out of balance!' and realise now that he really didn't just refer to my knee….

i guess as a mother it's really important for me to create a healthy and nurturing environment for my family. and even when i am lacking in energy i try to keep going. sound familiar? so i kept plodding on to provide something for my family that i had run out of myself…

now that i am feeling better i can see it so clearly, but while you're in there… it reminds me of the time when the boys were little and you don't get enough sleep and just feel like a zombie… now that they are older there are other challenges and more emotional exhaustion then physical… 

so here i am this morning contemplating how i can bring some nurturing balance back into my life. isn't that the biggest art in life? the art of life…


gratitude. that's always a good way to bring life back to balance. today i am grateful for being able to sit out in the sun for a while and observe nature. for silence. for a creative idea. for the gentle yoga class i went to yesterday. for pizza and balinese coffee. for my family and friends who are so supportive. the list goes on and on once you start… 


wishing you all a nurturing and balanced life…

ps: the pictures are all of the one and only lotus flower that we had growing in the pond before sparks and her friends ate the plant – roots and all… :(  the flower was changing colour and shape every day as it opened up more and more.


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