September Scarf Day


after breakfast this morning i had a hunch to go and check out the premises that i had hired for this afternoon's nuno felting class – the 'lesser hall' next to the 'main hall'. i was told that i would be able to bring the trestle tables from the storage room into the lesser hall. well, i almost had a heart attack when i opened the door to the lesser hall and it was permanently set up as a club room! complete with carpets, sofas, big armchairs, heavy coffee tables and bistro type seating – definitely not the environment for wet felting!!! after two trips to the hall and three phone calls to three different people i was told that there didn't seem to be a booking for the main hall, which i could use instead and that the person who had let the hall to me must have forgotten about the permanent set-up…

so after a few deep breaths and with the help of my man and boy i overcame the panic and had a fantastic time teaching this felting class…


there were 14 ladies who had never done nuno felting, but they all got right into it. after a while it became almost quiet as everyone was absorbed in laying out the designs for their scarves…


everyone came up with such individual creative ideas to suit their own style and personality – like this scarf in a fantastic colour combination of green with blues, purples and magenta…


and here are the ladies with their new creations. they were still wet and will look much more vibrant when they are dry…


for me that's the most rewarding thing about teaching: to see everyone's unique creations and for them to go home with a new skill and a product that suits them.

thank you so much to everyone for making this such a fun class to teach!



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