this morning i set up a table in the garden behind the studio to take pictures of a few things for my etsy shop and an upcoming give-away…


i still find it so difficult to capture the colours of the things that i make. i wish i had jaz's photo skills… one thing i have learned though is that natural light is the best – as long as it is in the shade…


i love these hand-spun necklace/scarves. they are lightly felted and remind me of seaweed… they are light and warm and fun to wear – and i have certainly worn mine a lot this winter…  i called the one on top 'pirate necklace' because it has treasures like beads and a shell added into the wool, and the one on the bottom 'mermaid necklace' because of the seaweedy silk ribbons…

and here are a couple of children's hats…


i won't show the pictures for the give-away yet… they'll be here on sunday… the necklace/scarves and hats are in the shop


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