Spring Is In The Air…


spring is in the air… finally! and the big wattle tree out the back is flowering…


and there are lots of bees in the air too… in fact, two days ago i heard this massive humming and we looked up and there was a whole swarm of bees passing over the trees of our block.

so the bees are busy collecting and we have just finished our last jar of honey – time to put the white suit on…


make a bit of smoke…


and open the hive…


i don't have frames in my hive, which allows the bees to build their own beautiful structures. it's harder to get the honeycomb out, but i feel that it's more natural for them… i only take a bit at a time – just enough for a couple of jars for us. it's definetely not a commercial method…

since there are no frames i also can't spin the honey out of the comb. i squeeze it out…


i love the feeling of the wax and honey. it's messy but you can always lick your fingers afterwards…


this honey has a very rich taste and quite a dark colour – maybe from the jarrah flowers?


and these are the balls of wax that are left over after sqeezing the honey out…


i'm hoping to use them this summer when i try out my new batik tools that i bought in bali.

 we have also just received this:


this should be a really interesting film. paul and i met taggart siegel, the director, and farmer john when they came to perth in 2008 to film the beemaster. paul had composed the music for the play which was performed over three nights. we don't know if any of the footage ended up in this film but we are hoping that it will be shown here soon… if you go to the queen of the sun website you can find out if it is showing somewhere near you…


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