we have just returned from our outback camping trip. it was really great – we love it 'up north'!!! i'll share some photos with you later… but first things first…


congratulations to angie, who lives on a boat in canada with her family, for winning berta! and thank you to everyone else for leaving comments – 'fleur' was the most popular girl!

if you would like to purchase one of the other four dolls send me an email: nipabese[at] – i usully sell them for $65 – $75 plus postage but i want to clear some space here for christmas stock and will let them go for US$60 including postage.

included in this sale is also this smaller set of three dolls…


i'm off to do some more unpacking and tyding up now… and then it's time to look through 350 camping photos…


3 thoughts on “Congratulations…

  1. Thank you so much for the prize! It is gorgeous and I didn’t realize how large it was. I can’t believe I received it so quickly. Thank you again! 🙂

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