welcome to karijini national park in the pilbara region of western australia…


after a two-day/1500km drive – the first couple of hundred kms are farmland (wheat and sheep) and then it's red soil, low shrub, an occasional cattle station or gold mine and 400kms between little towns – we arrived in karijini…


it's nice and warm up there now in spring – most days were around 36C-38C. the landscape is soft rolling hills with a few white barked eucalyptus trees and lots of spinifex – all very red and dry, and some of the bush has been burnt off to prevent huge bushfires in case lightning strikes…


we set up our bush camp…


it has a big awning for shade…


this was our fifth trip to karijini and we go there prepared. we took enough filtered drinking water for two weeks and lots of food supplies – the nearest shop is 1.5 hours away! there's a water tap in the park but you have to boil the water before drinking.

once we were set up we went down into one of the gorges for a nice cool swim…


this is 'fern pool' and the contrast between the arid landscape up on top and this lush vegetation in the gorge is amazing. there are all these maiden hair ferns growing down here at fern pool…


the ferns are all soft and fragile, the spinifex on top looks soft too, and although it's fragile it is definitely not soft – i got some nasty pricks on my hand from touching it…


i have lots more pictures to share with you and i thought i'd do it while i work on the sketch book project (there's a badge for it on the sidebar). i chose the theme 'a day in the life' and am planning to work it around our trip to karijini. so if i am disciplined enough (and i'm usually not) then i'll try and do a weekly sketch book post together with some more karijini photos…


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