Freshly Felted Spheres


i just finished felting these three spheres. while i was working on them i was reflecting on a question that one of my blog readers asked: how did i make these spheres? did i felt the wool around a ball?


and the answer is: no, i didn't felt them around a ball. and instead of telling you how i did it, i would really like to encourage you to experiment.

i have been seriously into felting for over 13 years. and the reason why i am so seriously into it is that i don't get bored with it. once you have learned the basic techniques for making good quality felt, the possibilities are endless…

i love it that i don't have to follow a pattern. i can be totally present in the moment, in the creative process. felting is such a free medium and the limitations are only in your imagination…

so every once in a while i get curious. what happens (for example) if i felt the wool around a ball? it is these experiments that lead to new discoveries – especially if they don't work and i have to be creative with my problem solving…

so my advise to anyone who is curious about felting is: learn the basic technique, start small and get enough practice to make a good quality felt. and then experiment… there are lots of felting classes now popping up everywhere. when i started there weren't and i learned the hard way with a book – and there are lots of those in the libraries now too.


i hope that has answered your question a little bit, hermila. let me know how you are going with your felting.

at the moment i am really busy, but maybe next month we could have a little felting challenge/project where people send in pictures of their work. let me know if you are interested… and meanwhile i will think of a project…


One thought on “Freshly Felted Spheres

  1. Love your spheres! and as I was reading your blog I know it was addressed to me. I have a “Felt” book by Robyn Steel-Stickland and will try to figure it out, maybe put it around a balloon?? I will wait for next month’s felting challenge/project!

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