Spheres Everywhere….


over the last couple of months i have felted and plant-dyed and embellished nine spheres…


at the moment i feel like i am bumping into them wherever i go – in the studio, on the verandah…


and they are calling out to me: 'finish me. finish me…'


but today it's the weekend and i have run out of steam after another busy week. so maybe tomorrow…


no. definitely tomorrow! i'll have to hand them in on tuesday ready for an exhibition…


and tonight i'm going to see my favourite band: 'simply red'. yeah, i know, some people think that's daggy… but hey, i was a teenager in europe in the 80s and i still think that mick hucknall has an amazing voice… hope you are having a relaxing fun-filled weekend too!


One thought on “Spheres Everywhere….

  1. These spheres are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the one with the feathers a lot. I need to learn how to make them, I will try forming it around a baloon.

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