Local Wildlife and more…

remember the little baby lizard that was born in april? we spotted him yesterday…


he spent the winter months at our neighbour's in a warm box being fed lizard treats until he at least doubled in size. a few weeks ago she released him onto our blog. and yesterday we spotted him when he got stuck in the duck yard for a while.

later on, as i was sitting on the verandah, a little bandicoot was exploring nearby…



and the galahs were making their screeching noises up in a tree…


a beautiful spring sunday, warm enough to have a typical spring lunch outside…


ever since i can remember back to my childhood, we had this kind of lunch on sundays in spring: fresh asparagus, potatoes, a green salad and 'flaedle', thin savoury pancakes. these ones aren't as thin – i was too hungry to be patient – but they have fresh garlic chives from the garden in the batter…


later on i took some pictures of a couple of scarves that i have recently finished…


this one i named 'southern seas'. i got a bit stuck with a name for the following one…


until i looked out the studio windows…



and named it 'golden bamboo'. here are some of the details…




and some pictures of last week's scarves all together…




they will be in my shop soon. if just it didn't take so much time to do the new listings…


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