Silence and Simplicity

it's busy around here. the teenager is studying until late at night and getting up at 5:15 for early morning orchestra and choir rehearsals. sebastian has a big school sports event coming up tomorrow and a public string ensemble performance on sunday. paul, when he is not teaching, is sorting things out: clothes, books, toys, files, photos… you name it, he is sorting it! and me? i am creating nutritious food for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (growing boys…) and 'holding the family' when i am not making nativity scenes and angels and getting ready for 'felt-a-licious'…

and i enjoy silence and simplicity.

silence – not as in no sound, but absence of noise. that's' why we don't have a tv or vacuum cleaner or other noisy gadgets… why we don't live down in the city… why i only sometimes listen to the radio in the car…

this morning i was sitting silently for a few minutes listening to the birds outside, to the wind in the trees… the gentle sounds of nature are so soothing to the soul and enlivening for the spirit.

then i went and picked some flowers in the garden…


and i fertilised my little potted veggie garden…




and counted the new bamboo shoots…


simple tasks that make me feel content and ready for some more action!


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