Do You Sleep Better After Good Music?

i don't have sleeping problems but i often wake up feeling stiff and achy. not this morning! i woke up feeling so good, like i had slept in the soft sound of good music – very good music!

which is no surprise since we went to a most brilliant performance of the Australian Chamber Orchestra playing Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata. here is what Richard Tognetti, the artistic director and lead violinist says about the performance…


the way the ACO perform the music is so incredibly alive and in no way sentimental but relevant for our times… there isn't a video of the kreutzer sonata but i thought you might enjoy this…


of course here in australia we are spoiled because their national concert season has up to seven concerts a year. in 2011 they will also be touring the US in june, japan in october and europe in november-december. for more information go to the ACO website.

and here is something that gave me goose-bumps: 'The Glide', a multimedia performance of amazing images of the ocean and surfing combined with the sublime playing of the ACO…


it will be performed live in 2011 in syney, melbourne, noosa and also in maribor and new york. unfortunately not in perth….



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