First Swim of the Season…

yesterday in the afternoon sebastian and i took the train across perth to go to the beach. it took us over 1 1/2 hours to get from the hills to the sea…



it was a hot and sticky day up in the hills and by the time we got down to the beach it was overcast – but so good to walk in the sand…


and play in the water…


we even saw a couple of dolphins playing in the distance – very hard to photograph…


the beach was full of families taking their children for a refreshing swim after school…


and like every year i said to myself: 'we have to do this more often…'




One thought on “First Swim of the Season…

  1. OK, I have to confess my jealousy! There, I got it out! 🙂 The sand, the sea, the dolphins, ahhhhh, so wonderful. I am longing for all for those things as our winter approaches. So happy that you had this great time with your boy, and I do hope that you get to do it more often this summer! xo

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