Weekend Pics…


these beautiful red-tailed black cockatoos have been hanging around in the big tree in front of our house for the last few weeks and i finally managed to get a few pictures of them…


they usually spend their summers in the forests south of perth and come here during the winter months when we get more rain. for some reason this year they have been breeding around here in the hollows in the tree trunks. they are very noisy and also throw the big gum nuts onto our neighbours tin roof – the neighbours are not happy! but we love these big noisy birds, especially when they fly and spread their red tail feathers…

and look what else i came across this weekend…


what do you call these things? tree warmers??? i've seen pictures of these from other cities but this is the first one i've seen in perth…


meanwhile in the studio: it's nativity making time…


have just finished this little set. it will travel to the US tomorrow…


and outside the almost full moon has risen…


hope you had a great weekend too!


One thought on “Weekend Pics…

  1. They’re called yarn graffiti or yarn bombing where I’m from. 🙂 They are EVERYWHERE i Philly.
    My school is a big textile and fashion school and we actually have a class where the final project is to make some kind of really creative yarn bomb. Here’s an article, if you’re interested:
    If you ever decide to visit Philadelphia, come to Moore! If you talk to the galleries, they’d probably LOVE to feature your work! Your scarves are beautiful!

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