New in my Shop


a lot of my readers live in the northern hemisphere where the days are getting shorter now and the temperatures are going down. to bring a little bit of warmth from the western australian beaches i have listed this felt and wool jewelery in my etsy shop. the wool felt is plant-dyed and has bits of shiny silk fibres in it.

another warm and cosy piece is this kimono-style vest…


it is hand-felted from fine australian merino wool and silk fibres onto cotton musslin and then plant-dyed with puffball fungi. around the bottom edge it has a border of orange eucalypus leave prints.

i had made it for myself and after the felting decided to give it a spin in the washing machine… can you guess what happened? it shrank!!!! i should have known better… i really love this vest, but the whole point was that i wanted it to cover my kidneys and since i'm not a small person, it doesn't any more after the spinning.

it is listed here now. and here is a close up of the eucalyptus leaf prints…



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