Felted Gum Leaves

here in australia we  call eucalyptus trees 'gum trees' and therefore the leaves are gum leaves.

lately i have been transforming these fluffy wool fibres…


into felted gum leaves (the two little ones in the middle are real gum leaves)…


just by using the magical help of some warm soapy water and friction…


and finding a suitable place to dry them…


i've been commissioned to make 20 leaves – 10 big ones and 10 medium sized ones – by a shop that will be opening in fremantle in january: 

The Sacred Grove Spiritual Centre and Willows Organic creations @ the Sacred Kitchen
12-14 Norfolk St Fremantle

they will be used to display crystals…


i've finished half of them and had fun taking pictures of them…


and after all of that the boys said:'mum, you can't tell how big they are'… and mum went and took another picture…


(the larger ones are actually around 13", 33cm long and the medium ones 10", 25.5cm)

and if you go here you can order your own custom made gum leaf.


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