Welcome to my Studio




we built this strawbale studio a few years ago as a working space for both paul and myself. he does all his music in here and prepares his lessons. and me… i just love playing around. with wool and silk and paint…

i don't have an inspiration board but i have this big shelf where i keep things that i treasure and that inspire me…


like my collection of rocks and things from the kimberley, my favourite place in western australia…




i've also got a little collection of old baskets from indonesia, like this one here from lombok…


and some art work that emily did when we were playing around earlier this year…


behind this big shelf is my little felting kitchen…


the other half of the studio is where paul and the boys keep all there instruments…


in summer we keep the french doors open…


they lead out into our 'tropical' garden…

House&garden 008

where we have planted lots of bamboo and put in a waterlily pond…



i love our studio and am really grateful to have this beautiful space where i can create and leave a mess and then go back into the house to cook dinner…

by the way…

Happy Thanksgiving!

to every one who is celebrating it today. i am a bit jealous – it's not celebrated here in australia but i think it's such a great thing to have a day when you give thanks…


5 thoughts on “Welcome to my Studio

  1. Oh my goodness, your studio is gorgeous. I can feel the relaxing, creative energy coming out of my computer screen in these images. How wonderful that you have the space to retreat to and create in! I wish that I could swing by and spend the afternoon creating with you and then step out for a cup of tea in your lovely tropical garden, I’m such a sucker for bamboo! Happy Thanksgiving to you, I am taking a little moment here before my day and cooking begins in full force!

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