when i grew up in germany (in the '70s!) advent was always a very special time. the whole house would be smelling of all the special baking my mum did leading up to christmas: there were tins full of coconut macaroons, hazelnut macaroons, vanilla crescents, butter shortbread cookies shaped like angels, cinnamon stars,…

and my mum would stay up late many nights making us amazing advent calendars that had a special treat in them every morning.

since our boys have been little we learned about the way the nativity scene is set up slowly during advent in the waldorf kindergarten. and we always had to do it at home as well: in the first week of advent the rocks and stones, crystals and shells for the mineral kingdom; in the second week the plant kingdom, in the third the animals and finally the humans.

so i thought since i made a nativity scene yesterday in the workshop, i would also set it up slowly and post the images at the end of my blog posts during advent.

but first some pictures from yesterday's workshop…


these pictures were actually taken two days ago when i picked up the wool at my mum's house. she has spent the last couple of weeks plant-dying the wool and created some amazing shades of green by overdying the indigo with a natural yellow.

and here some work in progress…


and the finished nativity scenes…



aren't they amazing? and every one of them has such individual beauty. and how about this cute little black sheep, created by a very talented young lady who came along with her mum…



blessings and love for the first advent



this is what the space for the nativity scene looks like today with just a few rocks from the mineral kingdom.

(plant-dyed nativity scenes can now be purchased here and here)


3 thoughts on “Advent

  1. Beautiful pictures! Wow, I actually didn’t know that about putting out the Nativity scene in stages, but I really like that idea. What a wonderful time it sounds like you had during the Advent season growing up in Germany! What special memories. We have stepped right into celebrating Advent ourselves here, lighting our first Advent candle today and getting a tree! I am loving the felting class so far, our kitchen is being taken over by felt 🙂

  2. Thank you for the lovely class and the wonderful ladies there also.
    I was especially happy at how much Brooke enjoyed it, she is eager to do some more especially a scarf.
    Have a wonderful week.xx

  3. The class looks like so much fun Nicole, and all of the nativity scenes turned out so beautiful!
    Advent wasn’t a part of my Christmas growing up, except outside of my home. It was always a part of church services and celebrations, but we didn’t really recognize it at home. The church we attend now, holds a gathering on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (yesterday) and we all make advent wreaths. Gaby and I made ours, with beautiful fresh greens, and for us, this is the beginning of Christmas.

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