Creative Cooking

cooking is a big part of my everyday life. over the last 10 years we have slowly introduced ayurvedic principles into our lifestyle and diet. one of them is to avoid processed and left-over food – so we try to cook every meal from fresh ingredients. which means that i spend at least two hours in the kitchen early in the mornings cooking fresh breakfasts and school lunches. and then at noon some lunch for myself and in the evening dinner. it's become a routine that i enjoy (mostly…) but i haven't felt like cooking just for the fun of it or to be creative for a while.

until a couple of nights ago… when i just felt so full of creative energy that i decided to cook a really nice indian dinner…


i started on the rice first – a spiced safran rice, where you roast the spices and rice in ghee before you add the water – then put on the curried potatoes and a tomato/broccoli curry…


hmmmm…. what else did we need… pappadums and cucumber raita…


bon appetit!



and here's the update on the nativity scene set-up which had a few more stones added to it…



One thought on “Creative Cooking

  1. My mouth was watering, your meal looks and sounds scrumptious! Cooking is an area that I wish I felt more creative in, all too often it feels like a chore. Maybe I should get some of your recipes?! Loving the felt bead project, hard to stop and move on to the felt pouch, but I think I will try to tackle that after I hang my show today! xo

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