i've always loved waterlilies. my earliest memories of waterlilies come from when i was very little – maybe three years old? my mum had a  very beautiful glas bowl especially for a waterlily. and my dad would bring home a waterlily from the florist at the end of the week. they were so extremely exotic in germany in the '60s/'70s.

and then there were lots of waterlilies when we lived in bali and now we have the little pond behind the studio.

so today, with felt-a-licious being over, i felt like experimenting – and made a sheet of silk 'paper'…


which i then cut into the shapes of waterlily petals…


and felted onto some wool…


here it is hanging up to dry.

and i love it how the light plays on the silk when it's dry…

and it's so good to try out something new. i've been sad and tired now that felt-a-licious has come to an end (at least the work side of it – i still go and look at the pictures that everyone keeps sending in). it's been so great to connect to people from all over the planet in this way. so thank you again to everyone who participated! i've had a ball! and am already experimenting with new ideas for future classes…

and the nativity scene up-date….


a simple stable made from bark.


3 thoughts on “Waterlilies

  1. ~swoon~ what a gorgeous waterlilly piece you made, just stunning!! I also love your little bark stable, thinking maybe I’ll have to do something similar. Hmmmmm. What a wonderful story about how your parents had a waterlilly bowl, what a special thing. I am also a bit sad that felt-a -licious is over, it was really fun! I know that I will keep making, especially with the new yummy wool that I ordered from you! Exciting! xo

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