Sharing Food And Art In The City

two days ago my 16-year-old teenager asked me if i wanted to meet him in the city the next day. he wanted to take me to a restaurant he liked and for coffee and to an exhibition at the art gallery. apart from feeling very honoured i was also desperate to go out since i have spent too much time at home and in the studio lately.

so we met at the station around noon and he took me to a korean grill restaurant – which seems like a funny choice for two vegetarians, but they did have some yummy food for us…


mine was a steaming hot miso soup with tofu and veggies. and yes, that's a picture of his empty plate in the right corner!

after lunch we made our way across the city, stopping to take pictures of christmas decorations…


builings old and new…


before we got to one of the best coffee making locations in perth – a small place called 'velvet'…


and yes, the coffee was very smooth – like velvet – and i loved their wallpaper.

we then saw an amazing exhibition at the king street art centre of jewellery and objects by julie blyfield…

after that we went over to the art gallery of western australia…


where to my surprise they had planted a vegetable garden opposite the gallery…


but i guess the absolute highlight for me was the exhibition: Peggy Guggenheim – A Collection in Venice. there were a couple of picassos and i loved the kandinski and brancusi and giacometti and rothko…

and most of all i loved to share an afternoon of good food and fabulous art with my son.

and here's a quirky wall decoration at the art gallery cafe…


a picture of marilyn monroe made from…



the nativity with some more treasures from the plant kingdom…



One thought on “Sharing Food And Art In The City

  1. I just found you through Jody Pearl’s blog…and on top of really loving all your felting and reinventing, I’m so swooned by the fact that your 16-year-old son asked you out on a date that I feel compelled to comment! What a sweet, sweet boy you have–and what a lovely sounding day with him!

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