The Hammock, The Sketchbook and Dreaming of the Giant Serpent…


i put up the hammock today. it's right next to the pond. and i cleaned the flow forms too…


they make the water flow in a figure 8 from one flow form to the next. this natural water pattern cleanses and re-vitalises the water and therefore the pond… 

it also creates a very pleasant sound – like the natural flow of a creek…



and i also did another couple of pages in my sketchbook today…




they are about us going to one of our favourite places in Karijini: Circular Pool…


that's circular pool right down there. a magical place…


the pool is very deep in the center and the water is clear and cool. it's a sacred place for the indigenous punjima people. here's what they say:

the punjima people call the pool above fortescue falls jubula. circular pool is walhibindiminha.

long, long ago there was a time known as nhulyugamu, when the country around karijini was soft. during this time jubula and walhibindiminha were created by giant serpents called thurru, coming up out of the ground. as they travelled through the country they cut out the feature that europeans call dales gorge.

the thurru still live in the waterholes and visitors must take care not to offend them.

i'm sure we did not offend them. we had a quiet swim and a rest…


and now i'm ready to go back to my hammock, listen to the murmuring of the water and dream of giant serpents that create the land…




oh, before i drift off… here's the latest visitor to our nativity scene…


a camel that sebastian and i made a few years ago. we felted a rectangular piece of brown wool with a bit of alpaca wool for texture, cut out the camel parts, sewed them together and stuffed it.


3 thoughts on “The Hammock, The Sketchbook and Dreaming of the Giant Serpent…

  1. Hi! I love everything about this post…probably most since it is totally transporting me out of my winter world into your summer one! I want to go the circular pool, it looks like a little piece of heaven, what a treasure. I love your hammock, sketch book , and the flow forms, it all just looks so relaxing. I have been thinking of you, and trying to choose something to send you, as really everyday I look at your gorgeous nativity and feel grateful for it! There is still one calendar left, I just couldn’t renew fast enough last night! I’d love to send that to you, along with something else from my shop. Is there anything you’ve had your eye on?? xo

  2. i love this post too…circular pool was our ‘first’ pool at karijini so holds a special place…we have to experience it together one day ok?!

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