School is Over!

hurray, we've made it through another school year! sebastian came home with all his main lesson books and other school work including his painting folder. and i would like to share some of his art work with you…





all of these are wet-on-wet paintings, a technique used at waldorf schools worldwide, and i chose 7 of his paintings (including these 4) to have greeting cards made of by moo cards.

last night was the annual carols night at our school and sebastian and i got busy making more macaroons in the afternoon to give away as presents for the teachers…


they are so easy to make:

beat 3 egg whites until stiff. mix in 50g of sugar and a pinch of salt and keep beating until sugar has disolved and eggmix looks glossy. fold in another 50g of sugar and a) 350g of almondmeal, b) 350g of hazelnutmeal or c) 200g of dessicated coconut. form into balls, decorate and bake for 10 minutes at 180C. allow to dry for a few hours.


we also made some bougainvillea wrapping paper by placing the petals between two layers of waxed lunch paper and ironing it…


i had bought all these glass stars when we were in bali and we chose some for his favourite teachers and put them into envelopes made from the bougainvillea paper…



the christmas spirit is slowly (or maybe i should say rapidly?) taking hold of us. there are still lots of presents to be made, but with the school holidays here now it seems so much easier. i've just started on some bird ornaments that i found here. i'm hoping that they will be dry soon so i can paint them…


have you been busy baking and crafting too?


the donkey has made it to the nativity scene. he does look a bit tired, but he's another one of our much loved and (almost) vintage knitted animals that comes out every year at this time.


One thought on “School is Over!

  1. What wonderful goings on you have happening! I love it all, your son’s beautiful paintings (they will look great as cards!), the cookies, the bouganvillia wrapping paper with stars inside! What a delight! Those little birds look really special too, can’t wait to see if you are going to paint them. I have been very busy here, looking forward to the winter break from school!

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