Beware… Birds Descending!



i've just painted these two little birds. and sebastian and i were going 'oh, they are soooo cute!'… until i put the string through them…


i positioned the hole through the body too far back and they look like kamikaze birds flying at high speed…

we had such a good laugh! i'm just glad i only made five, not twenty… imagine a whole flock of kamikaze birds descending from your christmas tree…

i am also doing

***** two give-aways *****


one is on emily's blog and one on faith's blog. so leave a comment there if you want to be in the draw.

this is the last day before the people come into the nativity scene…



4 thoughts on “Beware… Birds Descending!

  1. You know, I saw that tutorial…I guess on Geninne’s blog? And I wondered about just this issue (birdie dive bombs)! (Though, looking back at the original tutorial, I guess the hole *is* a good bit further forward.) But looking at your nativity scene, it occurred to me that you could somehow hang the birdies overhead, and then it would look as if they’re looking down on/flying in to join the scene. 🙂 Anyway, they’re really very lovely.

  2. I’m laughing too, the birds are so cute, and I think even more so because they are descending, gives them character! I love the way that you painted them! xo

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