Weekend Happenings

i did a totally spontaneous thing on saturday and booked last minute tickets to see U2 that night! i didn't even known that they were in town until i read the weekend paper after breakfast. i mentioned it to the teenager after he came home from work at 3pm and by 6pm the teenager, one of his friends and myself were in perth's largest stadium together with another 55,000 people! and who would you think was sitting right in front of us? our best friends with their two teenagers! they had bought last minute tickets too!


i was sitting right up there where the cross is, at the highest spot in the stadium with a great view of the stage and the crowds below…


this picture was taken when people were still arriving. by the time U2 came on stage it was absolutely packed…

and what a great concert it was! i felt quite unreal sitting up there in the 'eagle's nest' with a warm summer breeze on my face listening to one of the greatest bands in the world. despite the size of the concert they managed to create an intimate atmosphere with bono interacting with the crowd in between the songs.

on sunday we had a quiet day at home – my ears were still ringing! paul and i spent some time clearing the block, something we always do around this time of year in case there is a bushfire. i raked the firebreak that runs around the edge of our property…


we've had a very dry winter and everything is so dusty! my feet were covered with it…


paul, who is a musician rather then a handyman had to acquire all sorts of skills in the last few years, like chain-sawing. he cut down some dead branches and everything that was overhanging the roof…



our little piece of bush is really healthy though due to paul having sprayed it with biodynamic preparations for the last nine years. and we love it here even though the bushfire season can be a bit scary.

i also managed to rescue the three other little birds from a crash landing and they are now sitting on a shelf with feathers covering up the holes…



and mary and joseph are now making their way towards bethlehem with their donkey…


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