Baking and Sewing and Felting

today i have been promised a day to myself to finish all the christmas presents – especially for my three boys! i realise now that i have left it all a bit late… i'm starting to slightly panic… have also got a little flu. the weather has been strange here with the solstice, full moon, eclipse and perigee all at the same time. we've had rain and a cold day on monday – i was wearing my woolly socks! in summer!

so it will be sewing and felting and maybe baking today. yesterday i finished a diary that i made for a christmas present (hope the recipient doesn't read my blog anymore before christmas…)






emily introduced me to working with paper and making journals and left her pink binder with us to look after until she comes back :)   i still feel really clumsy with my journal making when i compare it to emily's amazingly creative and artistic approach to paper, recycling, paint, collage… but i'd like to make a couple more of these in the next two days.



the shepherds have come! they have a small flock this year. and mary and joseph are almost at the stable…



2 thoughts on “Baking and Sewing and Felting

  1. What a beautiful beautiful journal! Can’t wait to see what all you are making for your boys! Things have felt weird this week with the full moon, solstice, eclipse also…very intense. Did you see the eclipse where you are?? I loved hearing about your impromptu U2 concert adventure! Sounds so fun!! I saw them years ago in the mid-90’s when I was in college, it was a great memorable concert. They put on such an exciting show!! xo

  2. I have just been taken away into a mystical magical world scrolling through your blog just now. Maybe it’s the caffeine finally kicking in on an empty stomach, but I am pretty sure it is the beautiful world you live in that has my head floating… Your magical backyard with all those lovely plants – a beautiful side of Perth most people probably don’t know exists; your gorgeous christmas decorations, your happy, beautiful and colorful family, with skin so lovely and olive that you all look so naturally beautiful and beautifully natural, with your lovely colorful clothes and big colorful and unique jewelry, you etherial and dreamy art… Oh my gosh, the list goes on. Thanks for giving me some wonderful inspiration to start my day. I feel focussed and ready to write now. 🙂
    And thanks too for visiting me from time to time and leaving lovely comments. It would be wonderful if Bali happened this year. I would love to get to know you better xoxox

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