The Spirit of Christmas


don't you love it? the spirit of christmas… sebastian has been the chief decorator of the christmas tree. it's very colourful! paul and i have been teaching in waldorf schools for over ten years now and a lot of the christmas tree ornaments were given to us by students. out of those most have been hand made.

sebastian also set up the little ceramic nativity (that i made before i even had children) on the fire place…


and we are still waiting for baby jesus.

there have been lots of secret things going on behind closed doors. when i was little i used to get so upset not knowing what my mum was hiding on the top of the cupboard. and now i love to watch sebastian's anticipation… i love all that secrecy as we try to make things for each other. we decided to keep christmas really simple this year. and i was able to make a little something for each of my three boys. i can't show them to you (yet) because they always come here too.

paul has spent the last few days sorting through a couple of thousand photos that have been accumulating since 1999! he made the boys two very big albums each with all their photos up to now…


and i spent this morning in the kitchen making 'vanillekipferl' ((vanilla crescents)…


they are so easy to make. and sooooo yummy to eat:

mix 250g of flour with one sachet of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. cut 200g of butter into small pieces and rub into the flour. add 75g of icing sugar and 100g of very fine almond meal and form a dough. allow to chill for 30 minutes.


roll the dough into finger-sized rolls, cut into small pieces and shape into crescents. chill for another 15 minutes before baking them 10 minutes at 200C.


mix 6 tablespoons of icing sugar with 1.5 sachets of vanilla sugar and toss the crescents in the mix while they are still warm. allow to cool and dry.

i made 4 x the recipe and ended up with 2.5 kg of dough! i haven't counted the 'kipferl', but there must be close to 200… they are best when they have gone a bit dry. so i will leave them out until tomorrow and then package them for presents…


the teenager has also made lots of edible presents this year. and all i know about sebastian's secret goings-on is that he has needed a lot of glue… can't wait…


the kings have caught up with their camel and have started on their long journey.



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